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Telnet on Cygwin

Using telnet in Cygwin is very easy, but most people does not realize that it is not installed by default, therefore when you try to run telnet on a Cygwin shell you are instantly returned to the prompt. This happens because Cygwin finds the Microsoft telnet installed in your windows box and runs it; but this won't work in a Cygwin shell. To find out if this is the source of your problems type:

    $ which telnet

If you got the response above, BINGO! We found your problem and is very easy to solve. Open the cygwin setup and install the inetutils package - it is under category Net. Check if the installation was successful with the commands below (of course you might get a different telnet version).

   $ which telnet

   $ telnet --v
   telnet (GNU inetutils) 1.5

If your system is still using the Microsoft telnet, check your Cygwin session's PATH variable and make sure that the location of the Cygwin telnet comes before the windows one.



Thanks for the hint, buddy. Maybe this is basic for the long time Cygwin users, but I've never knew that telnet could be found under inetutils. Thanks!

Use ls -lsa from the most likely folder of binaries, such as /bin, /usr/bin or (if you must) /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32

Barring that, there's the native-to-BASH command "type" (no quotes).

Instant response --
>> type gnome
bash: type: gnome: not found


thanks for the post.